Tribune + TOC: Online Delivery, Schwa Returning

Once more with the ten words or less? Given the late hour, yes please.

It’s the “Staying In” issue at the Tribune, on which topic there seems to be exactly two articles. Did we miss something?

• Vettel&Co.; try local online delivery services, finds them swift, competent [Tribune]

• Tablehopping: Bowles’ move; Edible Chicago’s imminent; Christopher Borrelli’s Tribune debut [Tribune]

• MEng hits Argyle Street for Vietnamese takeout. Mmm…banh mi [Tribune]

Meanwhile, Time Out Chicago has their usual docket of good stuff:

• Heather Shouse’s wonderful interview with Schwa’s Michael Carlson - must read [TOC]

• Tamarkin: decor bests uneven food at Uncommon Ground on Devon [TOC]

• Shouse: Mythos Taverna in Roscoe Village shows Greektown what’s cooking [TOC]

• Meyer lemons are featured on haute Chicago menus this month [TOC]

• Sunday brunch at Green Zebra? Yeah, it’s vegetarian and delicious [TOC]*

Uncommon Ground [MenuPages]
Uncommon Ground [Official Site]

Mythos Greek Taverna [MenuPages]

Green Zebra [MenuPages]
Green Zebra [Official Site]

[Photo: Meyer lemons, Joiseyguy/flickr]

* Except they actually started serving brunch a while ago. We called them up and they said four to five months, but we’ve had their brunch menu in our database, unchanged and still accurate, since last June. Go figure!


Tribune + TOC: Online Delivery, Schwa Returning