Too Hot To Handle

After reading a story about a Chicago restaurant that makes its customers sign a waiver before ordering its hot wings, we got to thinking about some of San Francisco’s hottest tickets.

The first thing that jumped to mind was the orange Habanero salsa at Taqueria Guadalajara on 24th St. The stuff is so hot that one chipful stayed with us for hours, refusing to be tamed by a whole super-nachos’ worth of crema.

A Chowhound thread from back in May gets into this topic a little, and Jalapeno Girl also touches on the subject.

Also, the folks at the Hot Sauce Blog dilligently review hot sauces, as you might imagine, and provide recipes, tips and information on raw peppers. Apparently Habaneros aren’t the hottest in the world, but somehow Guadalajara managed to make them so. We may never drink hot liquids again.

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Too Hot To Handle