To Buy: Javier’s Famous Cheesecake

We were browsing Flickr and we came across this photograph of an attractive-looking cheesecake covered in glazed fruit. We were wondering what bakery it was from, but when we read the comments, we saw that the cake was made independently by one Javier, “a masterful baker from Bogota, Columbia [sic].” The photographer, piano62, goes on to say that the cake is “very light on the tongue, perfect level of sweetness, simply exquisite.” And then in a comment, piano62 provided a back story:

This is from Javier’s own kitchen across the street from where I live in Irving Park. Javier’s family have or had their own bakery in Bogota for many years. Javier followed the love of his life here to Chicago a few years ago. A bad shoulder injury left him unable to continue working at Swedish Bakery in Andersonville where he was the head pastry chef. He has just decided to start baking things at home and hopefully can generate some interest. He and his wife Diana are the loveliest of people.

Clearly, it was time to do some original reporting, so we called up Javier to get some details on cake availability and pricing.

The particular cheesecake you see before you (he calls it “New York style”) is the smallest he makes, measuring 6” for $18. Javier can make up to a 20” cake - rather massive - for $125. But that’s under forty cents a square inch! A value, almost.

Javier also bakes a chocolate cake with heavy cream and a custard interior, topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit, as well as a jello cake with fresh fruit. They’re on the same pricing structure as the cheesecake, but for the life of us, why would you pick the jello?

Anyway, the cakes are available with three days’ notice, and the best part is, Javier will deliver them anywhere in Chicago! Well, if he likes you. Give him a call at (773) 478-8697, and tell him we sent you (we get a kick out of the mere possibility).

[Photo: piano62/flickr]

To Buy: Javier’s Famous Cheesecake