Tick TOC: Buffalo Wings + Polar Opposite Reviews

We are already so bored by the Super Bowl. Can we call it the Super Bowel? Because that’s the typo we’ve been making all week and it makes us smirk every time. Since it involves food, every food section has to cover it, and because we have to cover every food section…well, let’s just say we’re having a Super Bowel movement as we speak.

Let us soldier on! Mike Nagrant has the lead article in this week’s TOC on the best Buffalo wings in the city. It is hard to deny (even for us) that Buffalo wings go well with football, but where ought you get them this Sunday? Well, the winner is Twisted Spoke, whose wings are smoky, crispy and sweet. Also, we apologize for not properly capitalizing “Buffalo” in our post on Jake Melnick’s Waiver Wings. Those upstate New Yorkers have quite a temper!

Oh man! David Tamarkin delivers a total hatchet job to Rustik, the new “modern comfort food” spot in Logan Square (what does this mean for the Tribune’s Best Neighborhood Restaurant award!?) The only thing Tamarkin didn’t hate was the cake at the end - and it’s always a huge disappointment with the dessert is the highlight - cautioning “it would take more than cake to get the taste of this meal out of our mouths.” Ouch and a half.

To balance things out, Heather Shouse loves every single little thing about Takashi Yagihashi’s eponymous Takashi in Bucktown. The French-Japanese fusion spot has already vaunted itself into the pantheon of top Chicago restaurants - get there while you can still score a resy.


Sixteen, on the 16th floor of the emerging Trump Tower, is open (for breakfast) and has an interesting menu!

• Pssst hey you - ever had a real pickle? Tamarkin recommends McClure’s

• Screw watching the Super Bowel at a bar - American Gladiators at the Globe Pub is much more fun and honest

• Chef Dean Zanella of 312 Chicago spills his guts about cow guts and The Boss

Takashi [MenuPages]
Takashi [Official Site]

Rustik [MenuPages]
Rustik [Official Site]

[Photo: Mr. Zanella’s favorite knife, the Misono UX10, via JapaneseChefsKnife]


Tick TOC: Buffalo Wings + Polar Opposite Reviews