Threads Up: Dine About Town

This thread on Chowhound
gets into some of the more ponderous questions weighing on many minds as the days click past toward Restaurant Week. It’s time to make those reservations, people. Places are filling up. The 11th hour is upon us!

But where to go? Seems just about every joint in town with a separate appetizer and main course menu is participating. One bewildered Chowhound from abroad asked the question today, which brought us back to the original post on the subject from mid-December. Doubtless, many of the participants in that weeks-old thread are now safely locked in, but there’s room left yet.

Go to the DAT website to check it out.

7th Annual Dine about Town 2008 - what are you going to try? [Chowhound]

Also, btw, have you picked up on today’s theme? That’s right, you smartypants. It’s that all posts come with soundtracks. This particular example includes Meatloaf’s Paradise by the Dashboard Light, which, at 8:34 minutes, should give you enough time to read the Chowhound thread, pick a restaurant and book it without fading to silence.

Threads Up: Dine About Town