Things We Like: Spiciness Specificity

We’re taken with the way Thai Aroma presents the customers’ spice options. First of all, the default setting is immediately clear. No beating around the bush on that one! You know what you’re going to get.

But only the elderly and infirm get mild. Each of the subsequent six options are tagged in four different, but equally descriptive, ways: numerically, by temperature, lyrically, and by description of the heat source. Wow! We’re big info whores, so this is perfect for us. And having so many gradations of spice appeals to our anal-retentive side as well. At long last, heat is elevated to the importance of meat doneness.

When it comes to Thai spiciness, we generally like what translates here as a 4 or 5. Some people would scoff at anything below maximum pain (no refunds lol), but our palate is more effective when it’s not being, you know, chemically burned. If you can’t taste the flavors in the face of overwhelming heat, then you’ve overspiced. Too little spice, however, totally misses the point of the cuisine. But if 1 or 2 is all you can manage, it is still generally worth eating Thai food. You’ll just have to do without the capsaicin buzz.

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Things We Like: Spiciness Specificity