The Weeklies Over Coffee

This is a big week for the Weeklies Over Coffee. The San Francisco Bay Guardian’s food section has a buddy: Techsploitation takes a unique look at cloned meat. Shall we dive in, then?

From the San Francisco Bay Guardian:

Paul Reidinger has high hopes for Cassis, which now occupies the former Winterland space at 2101 Sutter St. [Nice guys finish first]

Molly Freedenberg takes a look at Tcho chocolate, the new project of Wired Magazine co-founder Louis Rossetto. Appropriately, the product was available for tasting at the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s 17th anniversary party. [Dark Chocolate 1.0]

Paul Reidinger divulges tips on how to overcome over-salted food. [Nursing the ratchet effect]

L.E. Leone talks about bookshelf painting, cooking pork chops and, briefly, the Citrus Club. [Cheap Eats]

And finally, Analee Newitz gets a cameo here in TWOC, as she turns the lazer focus of Techsploitation to cloned meat. This may be the only argument we’ve heard in favor of cloned food that didn’t come from the cloning industry. [Let’s Eat Clone]

Meanwhile, over at the San Francisco Weekly;

Meredith Brody actually manages to mention the name of the restaurant she’s reviewing in the second paragraph of her review. She really seems to like Laiola, but can’t quite let go of an apparent regret in ordering. [The Marina’s Spanish-inspired Laiola: Intriguing, Irresistible]

The Weeklies Over Coffee