The United States of Pizza

Food blog Slice has put together an amazing (and thoroughly detailed) guide to American regional pizza styles. Here’s what they had to say about two Philadelphia regional styles:

Trenton Tomato Pies

In the capital city of New Jersey, pizza does not exist. Here, they’re known as “tomato pies.” As Slice correspondent Rich DeFabritus wrote in his review of the two dueling DeLorenzo’s there, “There is a body of myth and lore attempting to distinguish tomato pie from pizza. The generally accepted explanation is that a tomato pie is built as follows: dough, cheese, toppings, and then sauce.” Trenton tomato pies would then seem to have much in common with a sauce-last grandma pie or a Detroit-style pizza, but tomato pies are round.

Old Forge–Style

I know the least about Old Forge–style pizza but am including it here in the interest of providing a wide range of styles. On, user IlPizzaiolo describes it thusly: “My friend studied a type of pizza from Pennsylvania that sounds close to what they are talking about. It is like a medium-thin Sicilian dough, the pan oiled with peanut oil, so the dough sort of got a fried consistancy like pan pizza from Pizza Hut. The cheese [was 100% Wisconsin white cheddar.]” I think I need to take a three-day weekend and investigate Old Forge pizza.

If you like pizza, we recommend you give it a full read. It’s good.

A List of Regional Pizza Styles [Slice]

[Image via Slice]

The United States of Pizza