The Tuesday Report: So Much News

Due to the holidays, it’s been an astonishing three weeks since we rocked a Tuesday Report. As you might expect, plenty has happened in the intervening near-month, so let’s jump right into all the newsy goodness.

•From a Chowhound thread mostly about the closing of Truly Jorg’s Patisserie (which is old news) comes news of an opening. Ciao Italia will soon open in Brigham Circle. Googling reveals nothing, but apparently, it’s “very cute.”
•Baffling name selection of the fortnight! Dishing reports that the people behind The Kells will soon be opening a restaurant next door. The cuisine? Japanese fusion. The name? Prive, which is French for private. While there might be a regional disparity here, the name is accurate in one respect: the restaurant will feature “banquette tables surrounded by a circulation divider that coils around the table as it slowly descends.” Neat!
•Want to get some sexy illegal food in Rozzy? Head to Cafe La Lechonera on Cummins Highway, which opened shortly after Thanksgiving despite a) not having any sort of licensing in place and b) being widely opposed by local politicians. Mmmm…illegal Spanish-American food.
•What’s that? You want another chain restaurant? No? Too bad! Boston Restaurant Talk reports that Vapiano, a chain of Italianish restaurants is planning to break into the Hub next year. Apparently, it’s the “future of fast casual” restaurants! To be fair, it does sound cheap and decent, but we must warn you: please don’t order beef carpaccio at a restaurant where the average dinner check is $13.
•Salem: it’s not just for witches and Nathanial Hawthorne enthusiasts! Starting later this month when 62 on Wharf opens up, it will also be for those who enjoy Mediterranean food.

•It’s a sad day for South Enders as Nashoba Brook Bakery has closed the doors of its cafe. Fortunately, their West Concord location remains operational, as does their website.
•The Brookline location of Vinny T’s of Boston is no longer. Sometimes, when we’re just ravenously hungry and just want an enormous quantity of food, we enjoy a trip to Vinny T’s, but we can’t say we’re tremendously sad to see it go, especially since the Boylston St location continues to thrive.

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes
Chowhound has some semi-troubling news about Shino Express Sushi. Apparently, all of the sushi now features brown rice. We happen to like brown rice with our sushi (we find it to be an easier way to get our whole grains in than eating brown rice by itself), but we know that’s a definite minority opinion.
Whoops! Rod-Dee Thai Cuisine isn’t moving after all. In fact, reports the Brookline TAB, it’s expanding! The Washington Square will be a third location, not a replacement for the Coolidge Corner branch.
Jewel Of Newbury will soon be temporarily closing, only to return as an upscale sushi restaurant at the end of the month. The restaurant’s name will remain the same.

[Photo: Flickr: Ghostwriter D.]

The Tuesday Report: So Much News