The Tuesday Non-Report: Cerealously

There aren’t really any major openings or closings to discuss this week, so we thought we’d visit our good friend Craigslist for our semi-regular feature wherein we find you a job in food service. You’re welcome.

•This is actually a legitimately hot job. Daniel, Daniel Boulud’s eponymous New York restaurant, is seeking an Assistant General Manager. This is a chance to work at one of the country’s very best restaurants and if you’re interested in that sort of thing, we’d recommend checking it out…even if it means leaving our fair city.
•This Craigslist posting is so insane that we felt the need to quote it verbatim, that it may be preserved on the internet long after the post itself expires:

I’am looking for a business partner/ company to produce and manufacture the best new cereal for decades to come! If you dont believe me , try me! What do you have to lose? This industry thrives on new products, and this 100 percent belongs on the shelf. It would sell itself based on what it is, guarenteed. Your probably wondering what it is and saying no way it will be the best, but it will be. If anyone can get me in touch with ceo’s of General Mills, Quaker Oats, Kellogs or any other major cereal producing company , I will give you what you want at your price. These company’s wont except new offers unless its direct to the chairmans. I’ve tried everything to get to the top. Now its just pure luck. Unless your a company that is willing to go into business please email me back and we will talk business if your interested. Anybody that can help service me feel free to emial me and we will go from there.

My product is very flavorful with many different changes that can be made for years down the road. Most important it is very very cheap, which is the most important part to making it profitable.

•Despite a post title that sounds like an invitation to join Marlo Stanfield’s drug crew, this post from Chipotle makes working at the burrito chain sound like a pretty good deal. There are benefits and vacation time and, overall, it’s probably a much better plan than working for Burger King.

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The Tuesday Non-Report: Cerealously