The State Of Airline meals

As web foodie site Epicurious notes, articles on airline food are a well-regarded media tradition. Nonetheless, we fly pretty often and have seen some true disgraces in the air. For every airline that offers palatable in-flight meals or snacks (British Airways for the meals — chicken korma in coach (!) and Pioneer for the snacks — hot garlic breadsticks with marinara sauce on a short haul Denver-San Francisco flights), there are other airlines that we won’t name who just mess it up. MSNBC’s Christopher Elliott just did a rundown of airline food that won’t surprise anyone who travels regularly:

On United, $5 buys you a Trader Vic’s turkey wrap, roast beef sandwich or a chicken sandwich. Each is served with a bag of chips. American Airlines offers $5 Italian wraps, a turkey and cheese Ciabatta or an Asian chicken wrap. It’s one thing to offer food for purchase on short flights, but Drew Tipton, a senior field specialist for a software company in Cupertino, Calif., was recently offered one of the meals on a transcontinental flight with a stopover. “It just seemed wrong to me, and to several friends who were flight attendants,” he says.

Of course, if you really want to have a decent-ish airline meal and the idea of eating beforehand in the airport isn’t your thing… you can always do what Elliott recommends and order a special meal like a Kosher, Halal, vegan or diabetic entree. You’ll be giving up any hope of getting delicious bacon with your meal, but it’ll likely be more palatable than what the rest of the flight’s eating.

What airlines don’t tell you about in-flight meals [MSNBC]

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The State Of Airline meals