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The New York ‘Post’ Distorted My 2nd Avenue Deli Review!

Dear Grub Street,

In the midst of a moral quandary, I’m appealing to you. The Post’s Sunday magazine, Page Six, asked me to have brunch at the 2nd Ave Deli and send them my opinions and rating of the restaurant. I had a really nice time and the food was very good, as was the service. So I gave the place four and a half stars. The piece was published last Sunday (it’s called “Let’s Do Brunch”) and they changed my rating to two and a half stars, and also put in a lot of things that didn’t really happen, including one pastrami sandwich that I didn’t even order!

I know a little piece like this isn’t considered a real review, but I hate the thought that the Deli has to have a bad rating written by people who weren’t even there.

Annie Newman
Annie’s New York Eats

Dear Annie,

We hate it too. That’s why we’re publishing your letter.

Grub Street

The New York ‘Post’ Distorted My 2nd Avenue Deli Review!