The Mighty Hops

Just to hammer the point home: You did hear that Novato’s Moylan’s brewery made it into the New York Times, right? The 13-year-old brewpub is all over this articlethis article on “extreme” beers.

“If one is good, two is better,” the slogan on the lable of Moylan’s Moylander Double I.P.A., works as a guididng principle for American brewers today, the article contends. Impossible amounts of hops rule the day, the article contends. But the macho beer phenomenon is not making everybody its friend.

“It’s like calling a wine double Beaujolais — it’s an insult,” according to Brooklyn berewery’s Garrett Oliver.

Well, that may be, but we’ve been to Moylan’s and can attest that it’s that kind of place. Big, intense beers accompany big, intense burgers, both of which, to borrow the article’s terminology, “dare” diners to finish them. But you do finish them, and, even though it’s hard to stand up afterward, you walk out of that restaurant nothing if not satiated.

A taste for brews that go to the extreme [NY Times]


The Mighty Hops