The Food Super Bowl Continues

As promised, we’re back with our pre-Super Bowl series of posts comparing the food scenes of Boston and New York. We’ve looked at sandwiches, pizza, and ice cream. Now it’s time to investigate bread, barbecue, and hot dogs. As of this writing, Ed Levine has not yet weighed in on these categories, but we suspect there will be some differences of opinions.

Boston: Boston is, without question, a fantastic bread city. From Clear Flour to flour bakery + cafe to Iggy’s, there’s no shortage of near-perfect loaves in the Hub.
New York: New York is also no slouch in the bread department. We constantly dream of all the offerings from Balthazar and we also love Sullivan Street Bakery and Amy’s Bread. New York undoubtedly has more good bakeries than Boston, but we would argue that it does not have more per capita.
Advantage: Tie

Boston: We must admit to a certain dissatisfaction with Boston’s barbecue scene. Sure, we love BBQ Town and Redbones, but most of the mainstream options leave us cold. Boston also suffers from a surprising dearth of Korean barbecue options…we can’t think of many besides Koreana.
New York: Just thinking of the following names makes us drool: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, Hill Country, Daisy May’s BBQ USA. New York is also blessed with an entire Koreatown, where excellent Korean barbecue may be enjoyed.
Advantage: New York (decidedly)

Boston: First of all, Boston has three branches of Spike’s Junkyard Dogs, which, as far as we’re concerned, is almost the ne plus ultra of the American hot dog, bested only by Speed’s. Boston also has unquestionably better sausages than New York: just think of The Sausage Guy.
New York: If we could import one New York chain to Boston, it would unquestionably be Gray’s Papaya, where $3.50 gets you the “Recession Special”: two dogs and a juice. We can’t think of a better lunch. We’re also rather fond of Crif Dogs, where one may obtain a dog wrapped in bacon, deep-fried, and topped with kimchee.
Advantage: New York, by a hair

Currently, New York is ahead, but don’t worry: we’ve got hamburgers, soup, and cookies up this afternoon and things are looking good for the Hub.


The Food Super Bowl Continues