The Chronicle Over Coffee, Special Edition

The San Francisco Chronicle has a lot of food-and-restaurant related news today, so we’re bringing you this special, Thursday edition of the Chronicle Over Coffee:

Resident schlock-slinger C.W. Nevius memorializes the Washington Square Bar and Grill, that old-school “power hangout” that unexpectedly closed its doors on New Year’s Day. Supervisor Aaron Peskin, known to be a fan of the afternoon cocktail hour, pined thusly: “In the old days… the Planning Commission used to adjourn at 2 p.m. and go to the Washbag.” Of course they did. [Romancing the not-long-gone Washbag]

A federal appeals court Wednesday upheld the city’s controversial law requiring employers to provide health care. The requirement, voted into law last year, has been the target of rabid opposition by the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, who brought the case to court. Meanwhile, the Chron reported last week that few eligible citizens were taking the city up on its coverage offer. [Appeals court allows S.F. to enforce healthcare law]

And in the Bauer Blog, MB fills a column with the shards of an almost-story: the possible purchase of Myth by Ritz Carleton head chef Ron Siegel. The sale will be an excellent news item if it’s confirmed, but so far, it’s just a heavy rumor. [The truth about myth]


The Chronicle Over Coffee, Special Edition