The Chronicle Over Coffee

Welcome to a new year here at MPSF. The end of 2007 treated us well, with a visit to the highly regarded SPQR, a power burrito with editors of both Burritoeater and Burritophile and some good-luck food on New Year’s Day (more on that later). But now it’s back to the grindstone after a copious amount of time off, and we’re glad to start off with a good look at the San Francisco Chronicle’s food section:

To help with the millions of resolutions to be more healthful, at least for the first few weeks of 2008, Stacy Finz has compiled a quite useful list of explanations of health-conscious buzz words, and which foods can deliver the goods. What are probiotics and where are they found? Finz tells you. [Just the flax, please]

In an installment of the Seasonal Cook, Melissa Swanson serves up more than you ever thought there was to know about onions. Turns out there are many layers of complexity there. [Seasonal Cook]

For those tired of existential chicken-and-egg questions, Marlena Spieler attacks more substantial issues of those ingredients, namely, how best to cook them. In fact, the piece really only gives egg recipes, but we like eggs, so that’s fine. No mention of Paul Simon’s “Mother and Child Reunion,” however, nor a recipe by that name. [Roving Feast]

Taster’s Choice gives high and timely honors to a certain frozen spinach brand, a Hall of Fame pick in the first week of 2008. [Taster’s Choice]

And the Inside Scoop walks us through the Meadowood chef shuffle, as well as the other side of the table in the closure of Citizen Thai and The Monkey [Inside Scoop]

The Chronicle Over Coffee