The Chronicle Over Cocktails

Okay, now for the regularly scheduled San Francisco Chronicle wine section roundup.

The main story is a big profile of grape-grower Larry Hyde and his vineyards. [King of Carneros: Grape grower sets the standard for the region’s wines]

Selections takes a look at Australian Riesling. [The Chronicle Wine Selections: Austrian Riesling]

And Pairings gives us a recipe for crab spring rolls. [Pairings: Crab goes under wraps for racy Riesling]

In the Sipping News we get word of a rum tasting program that sounds a lot like Tommy’s Tequila degree but for rum fans. [The Sipping News: A reward for rum lovers]

TSN also brings news of a gimmick for transporting wine on airplanes. [The Sipping News: Padding for flying wine]

And Spirits tells the tale of a couple who have successfully launched their own artisanal bitters company [Spirits: Couple take small-batch bitters in new directions]

The Chronicle Over Cocktails