The Chronicle Over Cocktails

Sorry about the lateness of this post. We were sick on Friday and fell asleep in front of LOST before we got a chance to round up the SF Chronicle’s Friday wine section. Just for the record, and in case you missed it without our help last week, here’s a belated edition of the Chronicle Over Cocktails.

It came as news to us, as it likely did to a lot of U.S. readers that wine making is a huge business in Lebanon. Even despite occasional interruptions of violence, vintners in the country produce more than 4 million bottles a year, some of them highly regarded–though not so much here in the U.S. [Make Wine Not War]

A Chronicle Selections tasting explores Chardonnays of Sonoma County, finding that this year has produced fewer “oak bombs.” [The Chronicle Wine Selections: Sonoma Chardonnay]

For this week’s Pairings, we get a recipe for oat and corn cakes with saffron aioli. Oak bomb or no, these golden globs are meant to go nicely with a Sonoma Chardonnay. [Let them eat cakes]

And the Cocktailian brings us a roundup of rural Bavarian “farmhouse brews,” from Upper Franconia, the remote northern half of Bavaria. The small-time, hand-crafted brews evoke the U.S. micro-brew trend, only in Germany, and therefore way more heavy-duty. [Beer: A corner of rural Bavaria fosters farmhouse brews]

The Chronicle Over Cocktails