The Chronicle Over Cocktails

We already pointed you toward Schramsberg-gate, the A-1 story about all the craziness behind one of Northern California’s most prestigious sparkling-wine-makers. Now it’s time to see what else the San Francisco Chronicle has to say about beverages this wintry Friday.

Selections looks at Dry Creek Zinfandel, the Sonoma County varietal grown in one small but important valley: [Zin’s Sweet Spot]

The Sipping News brings us tidings of a Commonwealth Club program on “San Francisco Beer Story: History, Culture, Taste, Cuisine.” Sounds delicious. [Drink in San Francisco’s beer history]

To go with the Zinfandel theme, Pairings offers a mildly spicy black bean chili. [Black bean chili turns down the heat for Zin]

Looks like the Gallos made the 2008 Vintners’ Hall of Fame. Check out who else is on the list. [CIA Greystone announces 2008 Vintners Hall of Fame]

And finally, the Cocktailian messes around with a hibiscus Champagne cocktail. [A bloomin’ garnish for the Wild Hibiscus Champagne cocktail]

The Chronicle Over Cocktails