Tenjune and Stereo Owners Too Busy to Sweat Rumors of Houston’s Slapfest

Satsky v. Birnbaum
Satsky v. Birnbaum

A tipster tells Down by the Hipster that Michael Satsky, owner of the recently raided Stereo, approached Tenjune partner Mark Birnbaum at Houston’s and “walked directly up to him and hit him ‘openhanded’ out of his chair. He then proceeded to put him in a headlock.” The catalyst of that brawl, the source says, is that Tenjune stole DJ Suss One away from Stereo. We asked both parties for comments, and they were quick to offer statements.

From Mark Birnbaum’s partner, Eugene Remm (rumored to have been there): “EM Group is focused on building and keeping their nightlife and hospitality business open and don’t need to focus on things that are overly exaggerated and lacking fact.”

From Michael Satsky: “I am too busy working on our Sundance Film Festival events, and this nonsense is last on my agenda.”

Not as salacious, but just as intriguing, the ubiquitous Abbe Diaz left a comment on the DBTH post saying EM Group is telling people they’ve bought Lotus (there have been rumors). The truth is opaque, but if Birnbaum did get the smackdown, we have just the song for him.

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Tenjune and Stereo Owners Too Busy to Sweat Rumors of Houston’s Slapfest