Teleporting To The Tribune: Macello & La Encantada

Okay! The Tribune is all about Africa today, pinpointing a variety of restaurants around Chicagoland where you can sample the continent’s culinary delights. The article focuses on pan-African African Harambee (sorry, but we did have to be redundant there) in Rogers Park, but also references foodie favorites like Yassa, and Demera, the new Ethiopian/Eritrean that everyone is reviewing lately. On the entire other end of the sociocultural spectrum, a round-up of sports bars that host private sport-viewing parties!

One thing everyone can agree on, though, is the need for more hot beverages in the repertoire, especially ones containing alcohol. The warmer the alcohol is, the faster it gets to your brain, true/false. (Answer: we don’t know!)

As for reviews, Phil Vettel visits Macello, a cousin of Trattoria Trullo in Lincoln Square, and finds the Puglian cuisine to be tasty, if not Earth-shattering. The pizza appetizer is very popular, but the desserts are boring. And Crystal Yednak (a new byline on us) checks out La Encantada, and was impressed by the upscale and authentic - but affordable - Mexican cuisine.

Macello [MenuPages]

La Encantada [MenuPages]
La Encantada [Official Site]


Teleporting To The Tribune: Macello & La Encantada