Taste Testing Taco Bell’s Lite Menu

Can the greasy, gnarly charms of Taco Bell peacably co-exist with TB’s new “diet” Fresco Menu? We don’t know. I mean, hell, we feel guilty for liking Taco Bell — but a few times a year we’ll make the drive down there for a Mexican Pizza, a 7-Layer Burrito or a Chicken Burrito Supreme with extra fire sauce. We admit it. We admit it.

But Chow.com just taste tested Taco Bell’s new lower-calorie menu, which just takes regular menu items and swaps out the cheese, cheese sauce and sour cream for a onion/tomato/cilantro salsa. Here’s the verdict:

From a nutritional perspective, Fresco makes only a slight difference for smaller items such as the Soft Taco, but it has a reasonably impressive impact on gut-busters such as the steak Burrito Supreme, which goes from 390 calories and 14 grams of fat to 330 calories and 8 grams of fat. Moreover, the addition of salsa (and deletion of cheese) from the Burrito Supreme shifts it palpably away from merely being a tube of tortilla-wrapped meat paste toward tasting a little bit more like … food.

Will Salsa Conquer Processed Cheese? [Chow]

[Image via Chow.com]

Taste Testing Taco Bell’s Lite Menu