Suzie Wong Promises to ‘Love U Long Time’

547 W. 27th Street, post-Pre:Post
547 W. 27th Street, post-Pre:Post Photo: Courtesy of Suzie Wong.

We’ve been razzing Suzie Wong for its familiar logo, so we thought you might want to see what the city’s first bottle-service club concentrating in sake will actually look like when it opens for a private party tonight and then Baby Phat’s sure-to-be-nuts party tomorrow. Sake bottles will range from $150 Muroka Nama Genshu to $400 Kakunko, and you get free dirty fortune cookies with them!! The waitresses won’t be dressed as geishas as originally planned, but there will be a Geisha cocktail on the menu as well as a Madame Butterfly. The chef is Junnajet Hurapan, who has served time at Ruby Foo’s, Pre:Post, Hue, and — ahem — Lotus. The menu and another interior shot, if you care to see them, follow.

Dim Sum

Spicy fired cracker rolls: $12

Pork pot sticker with spicy dipping sauce: $11

King-crab shumai with ginger-soy glaze: $13

Pan-fried veggie gyoza: $9

Chicken ginger dumplings with chile duck sauce $10

Stuffed Japanese eggplant: $11

Cold-sesame-noodle salad in a light peanut dressing: $10

Suzie Wong chicken salad - $13

Five-spice spared rib - $12

Crispy chicken-curry puffs with satay sauce: $10

Cantonese spring roll - $11

Edamame - $9

King-crab shumai, fired cracker rolls, pork pot sticker, chicken-curry puff - $37

Five-spice spared rib, cold-sesame-noodle salad, chicken dumpling - $29

Suzie Wong
Cold-sesame-noodle salad, veggie gyoza, stuffed Japanese eggplant, Cantonese spring rolls: $35

Love U Long Time
Four choices of any dim sum: $45

Suzie Wong, 547 27th St., nr. Tenth Ave.; 212-268-5105.

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Suzie Wong Promises to ‘Love U Long Time’