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Intrepid reporter C.W. Nevius today brings us the story of Yul Kwon, who took home the $1 million prize in the 2006 season of “Survivor,” but who has been prevented from using that money to start a frozen yogurt shop in North Beach. Essentially, Kwon’s plan to open a Red Mango franchise on the corner of Columbus Avenue and Green Street with several friends runs afoul of the neighborhood’s strict controls on chain stores:

Mark Young, one of Kwon’s partners, says that when they applied for a permit there were only four Red Mango dealerships in the United States. That was acceptable, because the formula retail ordinance, passed by voters in November of 2006, says the franchise must have fewer than 11 in the country or it is considered a chain.

Well, now that there are more than 11 Red Mangos, the permits have been yanked and Kwon and his buddies are up the proverbial creek sans proverbial paddle. Normally, we support laws meant to preserve a neighborhood’s character, but one commenter got the better of that sentiment here:

i (sic) guess only businesses like BofA, citibank (sic) are exempt from the chain store ordinance. i (sic) wonder who Pasta Pomodoro had to pay off…. Boulange (bay bread) will definitely have 11 outlets very soon, does that mean they will have to move?? SF, as usual, is for sale for the right amount.

There’s an extended analysis of the Nevius piece as well as another fro-yo-fracas over at Eater SF. Check it out.

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Survive This!