Social Networking For Foodies

We recently noted a new trend in the food world: social networking sites for the culinarily-inclined. A month or so ago, we heard about FoodCandy. A few weeks later, The Grinder alerted us to FohBoh and on Friday, we read about Masterchef on Slashfood. Since three is, officially, a trend and since we’re a sucker for nearly any social networking site, we figured we’d check them out.

The front page for FoodCandy is sort of overwhelming. Upon logging in, the user is bombarded with a slew of options: Read FoodCandy member interviews! Check out some featured groups! Post on the forums! Read blog posts! Check out new members! Like MySpace, it makes us feel old and confused.

Even though FohBoh’s home page is also a little busy, for some reason (maybe the font?), we don’t mind. FohBoh seems to be more explicitly targeted to those working in the restaurant industry, so the featured groups include “Restaurant Marketing” and “Equipment.” Ten minutes after we signed up, we got a comment, so it seems that the people are pretty friendly. Also, we love the links to featured recipes. We might have to try this polenta with poached egg and pancetta sometime very soon. FohBoh reminds us of Facebook, and that’s certainly not a bad thing.

If FoodCandy is MySpace and FohBoh is Facebook, sadly, Masterchef is Friendster. The layout is tremendously unappealing, there’s no way to easily browse members, and the site is shockingly unintuitive. Also, when filling out our “social profile”, the site asked us for our height and weight. Creepy.

FoodCandy [Official Site]
FohBoh [Official Site]
Masterchef [Official Network]


Social Networking For Foodies