Shill Detection: The Mojita’s Was Slamming!! (Slang For GREAT!!)

We have at least a modicum of sympathy for the owners of this Cuban restaurant in New York’s East Harlem, since it’s not the easiest area to open a new business. Much of that sympathy was squandered, however, by the ridiculous review they clearly left for themselves on our New York site:

I met with friends recently at this restaurant/bar and was

very much impressed with the ambiance, food and the

entertainment. The food was tastful and delicious, the

mojita’s was slamming!! (slang for GREAT!!) and the

atmosphere was simply lively which included a live

band and great dancers. It’s nice to know one doesn’t

have to trek downtown to have some enjoyable FUN!!

I’ll definitely make this place my new hangout!!


We want to highlight the snippet of the review that we used for the title of this post - it is impressive to have a spelling error, a possession vs. plural error, and a subject-verb agreement error in the space of four words. On the other hand, we love their in-line glossary, evincing their desperate attempt to cast as wide a net as possible with this shill. Also, “the food was tastful” doesn’t even make any sense…oh we get it now! They meant tasty. But tasty and delicious are redundant; if they actually meant tasteful, would that mean it’s well-chosen and sophisticated? We certainly doubt that possibility!

Hmm…we’ve derived more pleasure from cruelly picking apart this review than we ever could from eating there, which says something nasty about us, we fear. Oh well?

p.s. the spacing is weird because they used carriage returns. What can we tell you!

Shill Detection: The Mojita’s Was Slamming!! (Slang For GREAT!!)