Scranton’s Best Coffee Shop?

Where would the real life versions of Michael Scott and Pam Beasley go to get coffee? We like to think that they would go to Scranton’s Northern Lights Espresso Bar. As part of our mission to occasionally document the outer fringes of the Philly metroplex, we thought we’d note that not only do they serve beans from the legendary upstate NY/Brooklyn brewer Gimme! Coffee, but that the all-around experience seems… pretty primo:

Walking in, it’s a two-floor space with a wonderful furniture arrangement and beautiful art hanging on the wall. The line is usually healthy and the place almost always hopping.

The coffee is Gimme! out of Ithaca, which was a welcome surprise. The coffee brewed was about up to par with Gimme! straight from the native spout (i.e. little blundering in the brewing at Northern Lights) and they seemed to serve the better coffees (Gimme! has a few dark roasts that make me cry). The espresso was pretty good, as it was pulled decently but for some reason, it just didn’t wow me. The tea I think is free leafed.

Northern Lights Espresso Bar [Pure Coffee]

[Image via Pure Coffee]

Scranton’s Best Coffee Shop?