Reader & Sun-Times: Green Disposables, Powerhouse, Ed’s Potsticker House

Mike Sula writes this week’s Omnivorous on a really nice notion: local restaurants banding together to source cost-effective, environmentally friendly disposable products. Because that may be organic chicken breast on a bed of organic lettuce in your organic salad, but what do you think the plastic container is made of. Plastic, maybe? And if you’re not recycling it - how well does your office recycle, honestly - you are MURDERING THE PLANET.

At any rate, if consumers demand green products from the restaurants they frequent, and if the restaurateurs in turn demand green products from their supplier, by golly, we’ll end up with green products! In this way, capitalism and environmentalism go hand in hand! Or the government could just ban non-biodegradable products and it would happen much faster, if in an uglier fashion.

Oh, also, the products mentioned in the article seem to be largely corn-based; so we have corn for people, corn for animals, corn for cars, and corn for takeout. Which will make Monsanto try to engineer 20 foot corn stalks, and then we will be attacked by corn monsters! We pledge our allegiance, in advance, to the corn monsters.*

Back on Earth, Pat Bruno visits houses; specifically, Ed’s Potsticker House and Powerhouse Restaurant & Bar. He likes them both, and is not afraid to say so. Ed’s is probably new to many of Bruno’s readers, and he does a reasonable job of explaining what they serve (potstickers!) and why it’s worth going (potstickers!)

The Powerhouse review is more interesting, since it’s a new place and has already been reviewed thrice in print media. Whereas Nagrant, Sula and Tamarkin all found a variety of faults with the food, service and atmosphere, Bruno seemed to have a uniformly good time after initially griping about the discord between the restaurant’s stark exterior and plush interior. He liked everything he ate, which was not the case with the previous reviewers, and repeatedly referenced how quiet the place was. Maybe Metra wasn’t running that day? Because everyone else couldn’t help but mention the trains. But we’re sure Powerhouse is pleased.

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* Corn monsters can be defeated by flamethrowers (popcorn!), but don’t tell them we said that.


Reader & Sun-Times: Green Disposables, Powerhouse, Ed’s Potsticker House