RE! RE! RE!ing The Reader: Mike Sula & His ‘07 Faves

This week’s Reader is devoted to Mike Sula’s top restaurant picks of last year. But immediately prior, he gets in a hot jab at the Reader’s new owners for firing all his friends and co-workers. Commercial media is a big fat idiot, right? Oh well! The rest of us will solider on, eating.

Sula’s list is largely composed of foodie spots that opened (and in some cases closed) in 2007, like Double Li, Xni-Pec, Nazarlik and Baccala (R.I.P.) On the high end, Sula taps Old Town Brasserie, and in the really? category, Wings Around the World by IIT. If you say so, Mike!

Sula goes on to name some of his favorite dishes around town from the past year, and the rest of the article alphabetizes 2007’s hottest openings. Apropos of all this, it’s worth checking out the LTHForum thread on the top 10 dishes of 2007, which range from Chicago restaurants to meals around the world and right from the users’ kitchens. It is a predictably good read, and there are many tantalizing photos to digest.

Fancy Mixed Drinks, Alsatian Conviviality, and Raw Meatballs [Reader]

Post your ten best of 2007! [LTHForum]


RE! RE! RE!ing The Reader: Mike Sula & His ‘07 Faves