Better, Even, Than Shrimps On The Barbie

Call it cultural illiteracy, call it an ethnocentric educational system, shoot, just call it not being Austrialian. For some reason, we have never heard of Australia Day. This, apparently, is the celebration of the day in 1788 that the British First Fleet, under Capt. Arthur Phillip, sailed into Sydney Harbor and said, “right, this looks like a great place for a penal colony. Let’s call it New South Wales.”

Anyway, it’s the biggest national holiday in Australia. Kind of like our Fourth of July. And Zagat brings the news that South Food and Wine Bar is celebrating next Saturday with a special menu. From Zagat:

The three-course Posh Pie + Pav menu starts with a Sydney Sunrise (that would be sparkling Shiraz and orange juice), followed by a Bushman’s Plate (an Australian take on antipasto), posh pie with chunky chips and Pavlova for dessert (January 26; $25 per person at lunch, when it excludes the Bushman’s Plate, and $45 at dinner; 415-974-5599)

It doesn’t really matter whether you’ve heard of Australia Day or not. That sounds like a damned good meal. Wonder if it’s summer at South right now?

Celebrating Australia Day at South [Zagat]

Better, Even, Than Shrimps On The Barbie