The Weeklies Over Coffee

Okay, here’s your afternoon coffee-time roundup of our illustrious weeklies and their food sections. Enjoy!

In the San Francisco Bay Guardian:

Paul Reidinger tells tales of surviving last week’s storms. The secret: drink wine. [When the lights go off]

Juliana Froggatt reviews Oakland’s Sahn Maru Korean barbecue in Oakland. She liked it. [Beaming smiles and meaty panache in Oakland]

Paul Reidinger also heads out of town, to Navio at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay. Dreaming of Scottish lighthouses, Reidinger seemed to be in a contemplative mood while writing the review. Seems many items were pleasant, classic, but not earth-shaking. [Coast Plus]

And, finally L.E. Leone gives us an exhaustive account of her ongoing romance, complete with sexual imagery, emotional hand-wringing and one small paragraph at the end on Toomie’s Thai Cuisine, in Alameda. Wow, three for three reviews out of town. Thanks a lot, Guardian. [Cheap Eats

Meanwhile, in the San Francisco Weekly:

Meredith Brody gets the week off this issue, with Robert Lauriston taking the reigns. At least they hit up a San Francisco restaurant. Language barriers in the reservation process couldn’t prevent Laurinston from enjoying the meal. It was refreshing to read a Weekly review that actually mentioned the name of the restaurant in the first five paragraphs. [Shanghai Dilly]

The Weeklies Over Coffee