The Google Gourmet

(Pictured above: A typical Google lunch. Bastards.)

It pains us to join the crowd so blatantly like this, but everybody’s talking about it, so we’ll chime in, too: OMG, did you hear Google employees not only get free food, but there’s a staffer who reviews the food, and the in-house chefs vie for his approval?

According to an article that ran in the LA Times yesterday ” the strapping, gregarious computer programmer is becoming as influential to the company’s hundreds of chefs and culinary staffers as the Michelin and Zagat reviewers are to restaurateurs.”

No offense, Menupages Corporate Headquarters, but until you start delivering free meals of quail and brined, slow-cooked beef daube, We will be as jealous as we can get of those damned Googlies. Especially Thunder Parley.

Speaking of nerds on the binge, wonder what those poor folks are choking down over at Macworld? We love Macs and everything, but let’s face it: Moscone Center isn’t exactly in the heart of a culinary Mecca. Meh. Enough sympathy. It’s no doubt catered.

Techie dishes on Google’s grub [LA Times]
Google Food Photo Blog [Flickr]


The Google Gourmet