Coincidence? We Think So.

There’s nothing like synchronicity. On the heels of news that Gavin Newsom is engaged to actress/girlfriend/s**t-talker Jennifer Siebel, comes word through Eater SF that his Northern California empire of restaurants has a target date for its expansion into Marin County. A Balboa Cafe location is due to open at 38 Miller Ave., in Mill Valley, in fall, 2008.

Meanwhile, on the East Coast, professional s**t-talker Frank Bruni ate dinner with Gavin, which we got really excited about until it turned out Gavin is the name of Bruni’s nephew. Bruni was all about a local Mexican restaurant empire, Rosa Mexicano at whose three locations waiters (or in this case, children) mix fresh guacamole at the table.

So can we expect a small Gavin in San Francisco soon? When and if the city’s first couple breed, will the kids take over the empire? Will they serve guacamole? Will it get everywhere (as we like to think it did in New York)?

It’s pretty unlikely that the two Gavins will ever meet, and almost as unlikely that any Newsom offspring will mingle with the Bruni brood, but it’s somehow comforting that, 3,000 miles away in Manhattan, there’s a boy named Gavin making a mess of things.

Congratulations, you two!

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Coincidence? We Think So.