Philly Magazine’s Top 50 List Released

Philadelphia magazine has released their Top 50 restaurant list. Did we take a look? Hell yeah, we did. It made us pretty happy. You see, the vast majority of restaurants on the list are in Philadelphia proper (and some — gasp — in South Philly)… it’s a refreshing change from the years when the Main Line, King of Prussia and the 611 ‘burbs dominated Philadelphia’s restaurant listings. A sampling of the list:

1. Osteria
2. Lacroix
3. Blackfish
11. Standard Tap
17. Ansill
20. Xochitl
28. Vietnam
31. Sang kee Peking Duck House
35. El Vez
39. Carman’s Country Kitchen
41. Honey’s Sit n’ Eat
48. Lolita
50. Nan

Any restaurants that you feel should have made the list? Let us know.

The Philly Mag 50 [Philadelphia]

[Image via Philadelphia]


Philly Magazine’s Top 50 List Released