Philadelphia CityPaper In A Nutshell (01/17)

• The owner of Byblos has created a pretty good Asian themed restolounge next door named Vango.

• Northern Liberties is getting a new pizzeria and West Philly institution Bottom of the Sea is opening a sit-down restaurant on South Street (in the ex Kama Sutra Lounge space, no less!).

• Elisa Ludwig loves Paraguayan food.

• What is it like opening a high end restaurant? Find out.

• A Fishtown art gallery is hosting a midwestern casserole night. Ironic? Po-mo? Ex UArts students who miss home? You be the judge.

• The Judeolicious kicks of Philly’s best matzoh ball soups.

• Philly is getting a new vegan website.


Philadelphia CityPaper In A Nutshell (01/17)