Party Planning

It’s a good time of year for a party. Hey, it’s always a good time for a party, but during this endless stretch between New Year’s and the first warm weather of March, it’s nice to force a little sunlight in the form of cocktails, finger-foods and small talk. To that end, we bring you this roundup of seasonal parties here in San Francisco over the next days and weeks.

Bits and Bites supplies a list of Superbowl shindigs that can save your living room couch and carpet a significant amount of wear and tear. For the same amount of money you’d probably spend on appetizers and beer for a party at home, you and yours can occupy space at one of these mid-to-high-end venues to watch two East-Coast teams battle it out in between $2.7 million commercials. [3 Superbowl Parties]

If you didn’t get enough New Year’s partying last month, there’s always the Chinese New Year to ring in during February. Zagat has a list of such celebrations around town and the region. Happy year of the rat! [Ringing in the Year of the Rat]

Alcademics lists two beer-related events, one that lasts all month long! [SF Event: 80 Beers; SF Event: Strong Beer Month]

And SFist brings a whole slew of chocolate to-dos. The post ran last Friday so a couple of these have happened, but plenty are left to savor. [Hot Stuff: Chocolate Happenings]

Party Planning