Oh No Castillito!

Burritophile’s Burrito Files document a distressing development in the San Francisco burrito scene: a sub-par burrito from Taqueria El Castillito. This heavy-hitter of a taqueria chain consistently delivers near-perfect quality, with the 17th and Mission Streets location bringing in a 9.08 Burritoeater mustache rating for a New-Year’s-Eve breakfast burrito.

So it was with concern that we read of a “just ok” burrito–with what looks like al pastor, this place’s strong suit–coming from the Church Street location. Perhaps a check-in is in order.

We’d post the picture, but then there would be no reason for you to go to the original post, so go check out the mediocrity for yourself at Burritophile.

Even the mighty fall [Burritophile]


Oh No Castillito!