Now On MenuPages: Franco’s Ristorante, Amelia’s, Kitchenette

These new additions to MenuPages come to us from disparate locales, and only one is properly a new restaurant. Franco’s Ristorante in Bridgeport is run by the same family as Franconello, which has locations in University Village and Beverly. All three are classic red sauce spots, but Franco’s also has classy items like grilled octopus salad ($9), penne in spicy pesto cream with capers, basil and prosciutto ($11), and red snapper with herbs and tomatoes over polenta ($14). Pretty reasonably priced, too.

Amelia’s in West Town was a Mexican joint up until September, when it up and turned Italian. To us, this means it can’t be all that good. When you switch cuisines as a marketing maneuver, it bodes poorly for the authenticity of the food. But…it’s new owners, so maybe they actually care. Why keep the name though? That’s the suspicious part. The menu is not entirely dissimilar to Franco’s, but larger; you can get all the standard Italian pastas and entrees, with emphasis on veal and pork. They also serve hand tossed pizzas and a few handmade pastas. Eight finger cavatelli with marinara and mozzerella ($11.99) sounds particularly good for this time of year.

Finally, Kitchenette took over Mr Thai’s location on Ashland and Grace last August. The ownership changed, but they kept the menu. Again, suspicious! The new name is a good deal trendier, and it’s still BYOB. Kitchenette serves “Thai and Japanese fusion,” a mashup that we’ve railed against in the past - but who are we to judge? Most of both menus is pretty standard; jalapeno miso soup ($2.50) and almond beef curry ($6.95) stand out as items we haven’t seen all over the place.

Franco’s Ristorante [MenuPages]

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Now On MenuPages: Franco’s Ristorante, Amelia’s, Kitchenette