New Restaurant For 13th & Locust?

So… the infamous strip club site on 13th and Locust (owned by the equally infamous Frank Palumbo) seems like it will quit the Signatures legaacy in favor of a restaurant. The Inquirer reports that a new “restaurant and dinner theater” will open in the space and, judging from the quotes they gather, it sounds it will be a non-adult entertainment space:

He’s a pretty classy operator,” the judge said in a brief telephone interview. “I’m impressed with what he’s done.”

Judy Applebaum, head of the Washington Square West Civic Association, said she believed the new restaurant would be “only a positive” for the neighborhood and said the group had no problem with Coleates’ involvement.

“He has a history of running very successful restaurants,” she said.

Further, Applebaum said, “there will be life on that corner. There has not been life there for years.”

Hoewever, a member of the group who will be running the restaurant spent almost two years in prison after siphoning $2.7 million dollars “from a drag show in Honolulu called Boy-lesque,” per Inquirer. So who knows? Maybe some of the 13th & Locust sleaze will remain.

Former strip club has new tenants [Inquirer]


New Restaurant For 13th & Locust?