Mostly Sun-Times: G.E. Bowles, Warm Beer, A New Blog

Yes, mostly the Sun-Times, but also a little Tribune. Bill Daley has an article on Christian winter farmer’s markets. The City may not want you to have fresh vegetable, but God certainly does! Also in Good Eats is a new biweekly feature where the editors run around to ethnic supermarkets to find tasty, accessible ingredients for your pantry. Example: Rokiskio cheese, “an Eastern European semi-hard, cultured cow’s milk cheese, is tangier than mozzarella but just as creamy.” Wow, okay!

As for the Sun-Times, Graham Elliot Bowles of Avenues waxes poetic about winter vegetables, offering a recipe for a parsnip bisque that’s totally not linked from the article! Also, we tried searching the website, and nothing. What a shame.

However, not all is lost for the S-T. Chuck Sudo has an article on foods that cockamamie cultures like Southerners and Italians think will bring them good luck during the New Year. Black-eyed peas, lentil soup, baccala (dried cod), and pomegranate all feature. We say, if you want good luck from food, eat a rabbit foot.

Finally, Lisa Donovan reports on warm beer. Not the type that’s warm because you’re too lazy and anxious and addicted to put it in the fridge before you drink it, but instead, non-carbonated beer that’s designed to be served hot. Try some Swiss La Dragonne at Avec, because they won’t do you wrong.

[Photo: QuoinMonkey/flickr actually knew BEP are good luck!]


Mostly Sun-Times: G.E. Bowles, Warm Beer, A New Blog