Michael Solomonov’s Night At Snackbar

This month’s guest chef at Snackbar was Michael Solomonov, formerly of Marigold Kitchen and soon to be generalissimo of Zahav. Philadining stopped by Snackbar to sample the wares last night and did a detailed rundown of the meal.

Contents of tasting menu below:

• Falafel in tehina soup with parsley vespa
• Lamb tartare, truffled labneh and maluach
• Mackerel with preserved curry banana, chevril and carrot
• Lobster and ribeye roulade with fennel puree in a chorizo consomme (pictured)
• Cashel blue marble cheese with quince spheres and white chocolate
• Halvah semifreddo accompanied by salted toffee, pomegranate, and kumquats

Michael Solomonov at Snackbar [Philadining]


Michael Solomonov’s Night At Snackbar