Menu Problems: ‘Ribs Tips’

We hesitate to post this because sometimes we get an attack of conscience, but don’t worry! We’ve already dismissed it. This afternoon, we received an email from [REDACTED] in the guise of a menu problem* for Rose Bar-B-Que in Bronzeville. The restaurant moved from 55th to 47th street recently, which, according to our interlocutor, has not been to the advantage of the meat:

i purshase a jr cb 01/23/07 2:pm that with one wing and link and tips the tips were so tough and rubber i didn’t enjoy them at all my husband is very mad because he told me to go some place else i told him ive been with rosa since 55th street ,and she very good with her food and sauce, this is the first visit she she moved from 55th i’m taking the tips back and i can’t go back here any more pork should be well done this was not cook well at all

How Joycean. Anyway, Rose, this is fair warning about your rib tips. If a ‘cue joint’s tips are rubbery, that’s pretty much a death knell. Quality, value and consistency are as vital for barbecue as they are for anything else! Okay, duly noted.

Rose Bar-B-Que [MenuPages]

* see also Menu Problems: “No Fahita’s on Menu”


Menu Problems: ‘Ribs Tips’