Menu Problems: ‘No Fahita’s on Menu’

On each restaurant MenuPage, users have the option of submitting a “menu problem.” The feature is intended to allow people to let us know if the address is wrong or if the phone number changed or maybe that our menu is out of date. But some people use this as a catch-all to complain about problems that are unsolvable by us or anybody.

This past Saturday, we got just such a submission for Houlihan’s in the Loop. Furthermore, due to a technical glitch, we only got half the complaint, entitled “No Fahita’s on Menu”:

My daughter and I celebrate each of our birthdays at the Houlihan’s in Oakbrook IL each year. We always order the delicious fahitas. We were excited when the new Houlihan’s in Orland Park opened nea

Aww. We feel bad for these people for the following reasons:

1) Their birthday dinner was ruined!

2) They don’t know how to spell fajita, in a particularly ignorant way. Is this kind of cultural illiteracy still acceptable?

3) And they used the possessive instead of the plural

3) Their plea, submitted to the wrong place entirely, will go forever unanswered

4) Especially since the submission refers to Houlihans in the suburbs, and not to the one in the Loop

5) On general principle

So we thought, to make it up to them, we’d finish the sentiment where the internet gods cut it off:

r our mixed-income, high density housing development, and planned our birthday celebration there months in advance. When the big day arrived, we rented an iGo, parked at the far end of the lot so we could get a nice walk in before dinner, and were ushered to the best table in the house by the maitre d’ (she had a delightful Irish lilt; maybe she’s a transfer from the original Houlihan’s in Kansas City!)

We were handed our menus, which we scanned for our favorite appetizer, the fajitas - the menu spells them with an ‘h’, a charming error that must owe to the restaurant’s Gaelic heritage. But to our horror, we couldn’t find the fajitas anywhere! When our waiter told us that Orland Park’s residents voted to have the fajitas removed from the menu in a special ballot initiative, we were horrified and incensed. How dare our neighbors be so brutish and narrow-minded!

Principle dictated that we leave immediately, although we left a small but fair tip for the server’s trouble. My daughter and I conferenced on our walk to the car, and decided to head to Cicero for some Yucatecan cuisine at Xni-Pec, which we had read about on LTHForum. Well, we could not have been happier! My daughter had the Chiles en Nogada, while I tried the Huevos Motuleños and the Tic Xic. It was immensely satisfying, and I think we may have just found a new birthday tradition. Oh yes, y Feliz Navidad!

That is almost certainly how it originally ended, right?

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Menu Problems: ‘No Fahita’s on Menu’