McDonald’s Footing The Bill In Report Card Debacle

Remember that big scandal down in Seminole County, Fla., wherein a local McDonald’s franchiser partnered with the elementary school district to BRAND THE REPORT CARDS?!?! Qualifying students (through grades, “citizenship” [not actual citizenship, but probably “plays well with others” or something], or attendance) could redeem their report cards for a Happy Meal and a lifetime of sallow obesity. Remember, this is kids under the age of twelve! And furthermore, maybe 80% of the report card jacket is devoted to McDonald’s advertising material:

Why not just make the kids start picking penny tomatoes right this second? This is why thinking countries institute junk food advertising bans! Free speech does not necessarily extend to children, so there.

Anyway, there was a huge blowback and McDonald’s agreed to not do it again next year. But the report card jackets lived on, until right now - the company has agreed to pay for their reprinting without ads. Of course, the deal itself is still, and always, in effect. Can’t we just bribe kids with nice, neutral cash? That only has advertisements for presidents, which is less worse.

Junk food ad ban comes into force in Britain [AFP/Yahoo]

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[Photo: the report card jacket, c/o Julie’s Health Club]

McDonald’s Footing The Bill In Report Card Debacle