Let’s All Move To Mountain View And Work For Google

Slashfood recently alerted us to an amazing story in the LA Times about Google employee Thunder Parley. It seems that Mr. Parley, in addition to having a totally awesome name, is something of a food guru. Parley works as a computer programmer at Google’s Mountain View, California headquarters, a site that has an astonishing seventeen cafeterias (in contrast, MenuPages has exactly zero cafeterias). He takes it upon himself to post reviews of certain dishes on an internal email list and tries to visit at least three cafes per day (in contrast, we make a trip to the microwave and water bubbler area of the office at least three times a day). Chefs apparently compete to lure Parley to their cafeterias, as his words are “as influential to the company’s hundreds of chefs and culinary staffers as the Michelin and Zagat reviewers are to restaurateurs.” Awesome.

In case you weren’t jealous enough, here is a brief list of Google cafeteria dishes mentioned in the LA Times article:
•”a brined, slow-cooked beef daube”
•”a particularly well-prepared quail dish”
•”one cafe’s homemade ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt.”

Google, please actually open a large office (with a cafeteria!) in Cambridge. We don’t even need to work there ourself (blogging aside, we have no computer skills whatsoever), but we would certainly enjoy having tech-savvy friends with whom we could get some lunch.

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Let’s All Move To Mountain View And Work For Google