Lakeside Chinese Deli, RIP

It’s a sad day for dim sum lovers. Lakeside Chinese Deli, the 9th & Race restaurant that’s become Philly’s standby for freshly cooked Taiwan-style dim sum, has closed down. A MenuPages review notes that:

Upon venturing down 9th street for my weekly dim sum fix, my friend and I saw a note written in pen on a piece of pink paper saying that the owners have retired and that Lakeside is officially closed. I can’t tell you how sad this was to read. This place was one of Philadelphia’s best hidden secrets and very few (if any) other dim sum places even came close to doing it as well as they did!

Lakeside isn’t picking up their phone and a thread on Phillyblog confirms that they’ve shut down. RIP.

Good shrimp and egg dumplings in Philadelphia, anyone?

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Lakeside Chinese Deli, RIP