Jose Garces’ Lunch Specials

One of the best Center City dining bargains around might be the lunch prix-fies at Jose Garces’ various restaurants. Adam over at Blogalicious compiled the following:

Amada: The $12.50 Catalan Express (soup or salad, sandwich, non-alcoholic beverage)

Tinto: The $14.99 Bilbao Express (soup or salad, sandwich, non-alcoholic beverage)

Food sounds good too:

Chestnut soup was the perfect anti-freeze, warming us to the fingertips with its lush, creamy consistency, hiding tender shreds of duck and a shower of crunchy pistachios. A judicious drizzle was the only time we’ve seen the truffle oil used for good rather than evil. To follow up, Tinto’s riff on the cheesesteak was a crusty baguette stuffed with frisée and charred sliced of skirt steak loaded so generously the beef kept slipping out the sides of the roll.

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Jose Garces’ Lunch Specials