It’s On!

Alright folks, tomorrow’s the big day. Maverick’s surf compeitition is on. We’d like to refer you to a previous post from Dec. 4, 2007:

Dude, this is it: Friday marks the official start of Maverick’s season here in the Bay Area, and from that day until March 31, surfers, photographers and gawkers will be glued to their computers/televisions/newspapers for the surf report.

The Examiner ran a story today with crossed fingers, opining hope for the upcoming season:

“It’s the biggest [waves] we’ve seen in a long, long time,” said contest director Jeff Clark, who was excited to leave Hawaii on Monday for the area’s waves, which he said are around 30 feet. “It’s bigger than anything we saw last year.”

This is good news. Last year’s contest was canceled because the big waves never materialized. We’d have some pretty disillusioned surfers hanging around all mopey-faced if that happens again.

And where to eat after braving the elements either in the tumultuous water or on the breezy bluff? We suggest Cameron’s. It’s obvious, yes, but how can you miss, with the pub food, large beer selection and MPSF editorial board favorite, the Smoking Bus.

But, if you’re not into beers, pub food and smoking in an old, converted bus (you weirdo), then you may want to try one these other Half-Moon Bay locales:

San Benito House is a Greek restaurant and deli, and a favorite of Yelpers. It’s a good place to get a sandwich to take up to the contest.

Of course, there’s also the Ritz Carleton down there, in case you’re having a problem catching waves because your wetsuit is too weighted down by money.

Don’t forget, you can buy crab fresh from the boat at Pillar Point Harbor.

And if you need a hot cup of coffee or something like that, you can go to M Coffee, which Yelpers seem to have deemed passable, if not a future Blue Bottle rival.

Okay, Half Moon Bay Chamber of Commerce, can we have some money now?

Swells bode well for surfers at Mavericks [The Examiner]

It’s On!