It’s Good To Be Jose Garces

It’s good to be Jose Garces. The Amada and Tinto culinary superstar is currently in Mexico, during… err… research for his upcoming West Philly nouveau Mexi-joint Chilango. He reported on his findings for Food & Wine:

“There are taquerias throughout Mercado de la Merced, a block-long market. My favorite, El Tacometro, is mid-market and has a huge variety of huaraches—corn griddle cakes filled with beans and topped with cactus or chorizo— for less than $2. The San Angel Inn, a colonial hotel-turned-restaurant, makes the city’s best margarita. On a day trip to Puebla, we found a cantina, La Pasita, named for the raisin-based liquor it makes. It’s served in a shot glass with skewered cheese at the bottom.”

So… who wants to pay for us to go to Mexico? We’re talented writers and can do a damn fine travelogue. C’mon now.

Chef Dispatch: Jose Garces in Mexico [Food & Wine]

[Image via Food & Wine/Cedric Angeles]


It’s Good To Be Jose Garces