Inside the Ugly American

American regional (beef on weck! garbage plates!) restaurant The Ugly American recently opened in Pennsport. The Daily News just stopped by and gave the resto a mixed review:

So, while I love the fact that the bar menu has the classic Beef-on-Weck sandwich (Buffalo, N.Y.’s, answer to our cheesesteak) and that there are some delicious dishes to be had, there are - like American tourists - some real loud and boorish ones to be found.

The Roasted Oysters ($8) were disappointing. Although the oysters were plump and briny, the cream sauce was thin and flavorless.

I noticed, on a paper menu, the option of Fried Chesapeake Oysters with apple-celery root slaw and bacon dressing. Somehow that sounds more promising.

The Daily News calls the mash-up of American regional styles served at the restaurant “confusion cuisine.”

Ugly American could use a little restraint [Daily News]

[Image via Daily News]

Inside the Ugly American